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ACCOMMODATION RULES (Residents responsibilities)


1. Residence rules

Each resident signs a residence agreement stating explicitly that he/she must comply with the residence rules of the UC Hall, which are subject to change by the management, if the circumstances impose. The Residence Rules apply to all residents and visitors / guests.


2. Residence Agreement

The residence agreement is signed before receiving the studio and is valid for the period September 1 to August 31 of next year for all residents. If the student does not appear before the deadline for signing the agreement, it is considered that he/she is no longer interested. In this case, the studio is rented to other interested students.

The Management may unilaterally terminate the residence agreement in the following cases:

· The resident is not consistent with the financial obligations (advance payment / rent).

· The resident does not comply with the terms of the agreement and the residence rules.

· The resident does not appear before the specified deadline to receive the studio.


3. Studio equipment

Upon receipt of the studio, the resident should check the studio and return to the management (on the same day) the relevant signed form, indicating any shortages or loss / damage to the studio and its furniture/equipment. The resident must deliver back the studio in the state he/she received it and is responsible for paying compensation for any loss, damage or unjustified wear. With the expiry of the residence agreement and upon leaving the studio, the residents are required to remove their personal belongings.


4. Behaviour of residents

Residents should behave decently and in such manner in order not to cause discomfort or threatens the health or physical safety of other residents and staff. They should also avoid causing damage and undue wear to the studio or to the public areas of the building. In case a resident creates problems with his/her behaviour, then, depending on the severity of the problem, the Management shall take action, not excluding the eviction from the studio.


5. Noise

Excessive noise is considered harassment to other residents. It is expected that residents will abide by the rules of good co-habitation and respect the privacy of the others at all times.


6. Presence of pets

Pets are strictly prohibited in the studios or in public places.


7. Hosting guests

The rules of good co-habitation provide some restrictions. Residents must respect the right of others to security, privacy, quiet hours for reading and sleeping and shall ensure a good environment.The visit or overnight stay of guests should take place ​​taking into account all the above. Such visits are allowed after informing the Management. The overnight stay should not exceed two days (consecutive or not) within the same week. Guests must abide by the residence rules. Residents are fully responsible for the conduct of their guests and liable to pay compensation for losses and damages that may be caused by them.


8. Cleanliness / Hygiene

Cleanliness is extremely important for the smooth and efficient operation of the UC Hall and each resident should keep in mind the following:

· To keep the studio and public spaces clean and to follow the hygiene rules. Residents should provide their own cleaning products for their studios. Residents are not allowed to place brooms or other objects on the balconies.

· All common areas are cleaned daily by the cleaning staff. The cleaning staff is available to residents for cleaning the studio of a resident, after consultation with the Management. In this case, there is a small charge payable by the resident.


9. Safety / Health

For their own safety and health, residents are prohibited from possessing / using of the following items:


(a) Electrical devices

For safety reasons, electrical products, such as toasters, heaters, electric blankets, are strictly prohibited in the studios. The use of use candles or any flammable materials is also forbidden.


(b) Lighting of fire

Lighting fire or cooking on the balconies or in public places are forbidden.


(c) Bicycles / bikes

The storage and repair of bicycles and scooters in the studios, on the stairs and the hallways of the building are prohibited. Bicycles and scooters must be stored in designated areas (bicycle spaces).


(d) Smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all indoor places.


10. Use and maintenance of studios and public spaces

(a) The lease, sublease and / or assignment of studios to others are prohibited.

(b) Damage

Residents are responsible for any damage and / or loss and / or undue wear and tear that will occur to the premises and equipment of the building.

(c) Changes in the studio / hotel rooms

Any conversion of the studio, including the balcony and common spaces is prohibited. In particular, the following actions are prohibited:

  •  Painting walls

  •  Engraving on internal and external walls

  • Mounting nails and pasting photos / documents / posters on walls and furniture in a way that causes damage

  • Placing spacers / separating panels

  • Any conversion, action and installation of equipment that create problems as regards the safety and/or functionality and / or the aesthetics of the building is prohibited.


11. Laundry room

In the UC Hall there is a laundry room with coin operated washing machines and dryers, for the exclusive use of the residents. The Management is responsible for managing the laundry room. Residents are responsible for the immediate reporting to the Management of any operating problems / maintenance problems / damage to the laundry room and the machines.


12. Parking spaces

Residents who own cars and have secured a parking space shall park their cars only in designated parking areas. The possible transfer of this parking right by the resident to a third person or the possible sharing of parking spaces without the authorization of the Management of the UC Hall is strictly prohibited.

The Management may, at any time and without warning, cancel the parking agreement with a resident or ask him / her to park his/her car to another parking space.


13. Inspection of studios

Management reserves the right to make periodic inspections to the studios and enter them for the following reasons:

  • To carry out maintenance works and repairs.

  • To carry out security and equipment checks.

  • To check that the studios are used exclusively by the residents.

  • To check the non-use of products and substances that threaten the health and safety of residents.

  • In emergency cases.

Every possible effort should be made by the Management so that the access to the studios by authorized employees / workers takes place after having informed and with the cooperation of the residents, except in serious / emergency cases. Residents are required to cooperate with the Management and facilitate its work.


14. Outstanding financial obligations

The residents have to pay their rent and any other pending financial obligations on time. Residents who are not consistent with their financial obligations are subject to termination of the residence agreement and the immediate withholding of the guarantee they have paid.


15. Organized events

(a) Games room / Club room

A Games room / Club room operates at UC Hall operates and can be used for organizing lectures / presentations / displays, as well as for social activities by the residents. The residents must use the room with due caution.

i)Reservation Process of Games room / Club room 

For reservation of the Games room / Club room, the residents-organizers should submit a request to Management at least one week prior to the event.

ii)Terms and Conditions for organizing events

For events at the Games room / Club room the following terms and conditions apply:

  • The event will be realized taking into account the residence rules.

  • It is not allowed to hold more than two events per week.

  • The organizer of the event has the responsibility to inspect the venue in advance and inform the Management for any damages to or impurities in the room. In case they not reported to the Management prior to the event, the organizer is responsible for any damage to the room/facilities.

  • The organizer of the event is responsible for cleaning the room after the event and move back all furniture / equipment of the room to their original position.

  • The organizer is responsible for compensating for any damage caused during the event. The compensation should provide for repair / replacement of furniture and equipment, cleaning and maintaining the area.

  • The organizer is responsible for the conduct of the participants in the event.

  • The Management assumes no responsibility for any loss and / or accident occurring during the event.

  • The Management reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.


16. Violation of the residence rules

The violation of the residence rules may lead to the following measures by the Management:

  • Oral comments

  • Written warnings

  • Termination of the residence agreement

  • Permanent removal from the UC Hall.

The choice of measures takes into account the seriousness of the violation. The oral comments and / or written warnings are made ​​directly by the Management. In case of damage, loss or undue wear by the resident to the premises and/or equipment of the building, the resident is liable for compensation equal to the cost of the damage as determined by the Management. If the damage is the result of vandalism, then the adoption of further measures by the Management is possible.

The Management reserves the right to use legal means against any resident, claiming compensation for damages and / or wear and / or vandalism, as well as to file a report to the Police in case there is suspicion of committing a criminal offense.


17. Removal of occupants from UC Hall

Residents are removed from the UC Hall and can not be selected again to stay in it, in the following cases:

  • They cease to be students.

  • They are not consistent with their financial obligations towards UC HALL.

  • They lease or grant to others their studio.

  • They engage in acts of vandalism or theft.

  • They threaten the physical integrity of other residents or staff.

  • They posses and/or distribute and / or use prohibited substances.


NB: The Management may, at any time and without prior notice, modify the above terms and conditions and such amendments will be considered an integral part of these regulations.

The instructions issued by the Management from time to time are also part of the rules, the breach of which will lead to taking the measures described above.

The Management has the right, for any reason, to reject an applicant for residence or to terminate his/her residence arrangement without having to justify its decision.

The above terms and conditions are delivered to each resident at the signing of the residence agreement. The signature of the residence agreement by the potential resident creates an irrebuttable presumption that he/she has read and fully understood the terms and conditions which he/she has to follow faithfully.

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